The Mythology Origami workshop

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Origami: traditional Japanese art of paperfolding.

There is more to origami than just folding paper; there is magic in transforming a flat square piece of paper into a 3d piece of art, breathing life into an otherwise static object. The very act of folding stimulates and enriches the imagination, creating ideas and improving hand and eye coordination. It can also create an enormous sense of calm and relaxation.

In our workshop the whole family can learn how to fold colored pieces of paper into Greek mythology creatures. You can choose to create one of the following amazing mythological creatures: The Wise owl, the symbol of goddess Athena,  a Minotaur head, greek monster with the head of a white bull and the body of a man living on Knossos Crete, the Cyclops, one-eyed giant poked by Odysseus Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades Pegasus, the winged white horse Hydra of Lerna, Nine-headed snake killed by Hercules.

Learn greek mythology while folding paper in this unique family experience in Athens!

Book your workshop today by sending your email to info@athensforkids.com


Duration: 1 hour per each figure (approximately)


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