The Musical Tour of Athens for Kids

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The Museum of Popular Music Instruments, is a museum and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology in the Lassanis Mansion, Plaka, Athens, Greece. It displays about 600 Greek musical instruments from the last 300 years and has as many more in store.

Let us sing in the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments in Plaka

Strings, percussion and wind instruments for all the aspects of the personal and social life: happiness, sadness, nostalgia, love for the people in Plaka. But who built this strange museum? Really, it was an old house?

Learn about old Athens! Architecture and habits of the old life are revealed through the collection of musical instruments.

Duration of the educational tour: 90’

Place: Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, Plaka

In order to book this tour please email your request at info@athensforkids.com and we will reply to you asap in order to reserve a place with us.

Children are not allowed unattended and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.




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