A day at the old school of Athens

23 Tripodon st., Plaka, Athens (0)
from/per person 30.00
  • Museum tours
  • Groups allowed


 Come take a journey through time, we will travel to the old school.  In the classroom the strict (but fair) teacher will be waiting us, as we sit in the old wooden desks and relive our school years.

Take out from your satchel, the slate and the pencils and the lesson starts!

And if you’re good we are going to play the old games: marbles, spinning tops, hoops and skipping ropes.

But if you are naughty, punishment awaits!

  • Dramatic reenactment of a Greek school lesson from past decades
  • We supply costumes, traditional toys, school supplies and other memorabilia of the old Greek School.
  • After the lesson we provide a guided tour in the Museum

Schedule details:

Duration: 1 hour

Meeting point: School Life and Education Museum, 23 Tripodon st., Plaka, Athens


In order to book this tour please email your request at info@athensforkids.com and we will reply to you asap in order to reserve a place with us.

Children are not allowed unattended and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


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