For the past 20 years, Natalie Sampas has devoted her time, knowledge, and passion to children. In the beginning it was on a voluntary basis for events such as the Special Olympics, support groups and schools for children with special needs.

Her studies include a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology, attained at Sussex University, in London. Following her formal education, Natalie went on to train in Playtherapy (European Association of psychotherapists) and has implemented this method in her work with adults and children ever since. To this day, it is an invaluable part of her service for families who need it.

At the same time, Natalie offers creativity workshops geared towards companies, social enterpeneurs, educators, adults and children.

She is the founder of and and

 Natalie also takes consults with parents and children with special needs. She is in collaboration with numerous private schools, kindergartens, summer camps, and also offers creative play seminars in cities all over Greece. She is also the author of a variety of children’s tales/stories. To this day, Natalie Sampas is invested in anything and everything that invokes children, parents, psychology, creativity and play!.

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